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Street Art | Murals

I create images in the form of paste-up drawings installed in my neighborhood depicting imagery drawn from dreams, symbolism, ancient neolithic goddess cultures, ritual, ancestral myths, and motherhood. These are a series of wheatpaste drawings where myths come to life and women are depicted as healers, magic weavers, and goddesses. It is in the street where women often feel unsafe- where catcalls and misogynistic advertising hang in the air. Long ago, in the ancient matriarchal Neolithic goddess cultures, depictions of sacred women, women who held powerful roles, and great goddesses were painted or carved onto buildings, holy sites, and an integral part of the mundane every day. My street art project momentarily disrupts the viewer's normal landscape where they are met with images of herbs, animal familiars, symbols, and the magic of blood, life-giving birth, and personal power. This work is important to me and I spend time with the imagery, weaving together personal talismans and collective symbolism to spiritualize the piece and engage in meditative labor. Once they are pasted up, they are no longer mine. They are at the mercy of location and weather. Human interaction plays a large role in the art's life; torn off, written over, photographed, and posted on social media, it is ephemeral, fleeting, forgotten...much like the empowered imagery of the ancients. 



Street Art Wheatpaste // Artemis Vertomartis 

Street Art Wheatpaste // Sea Witch

Street Art Wheatpaste // Aisthesis

Aisthesis~ the exchange of soul essence between beings. If you have breastfed your baby you know what this means...but only if you managed to get through cracked and bleeding nipples, low milk supply or painful overproduction, bitting, scratching, mastitis, or any of the many other things that make breastfeeding such a difficult job. This piece is about the high you get when it all goes right. That unreal powerful love that becomes so strong when that little milk-drunk face stares up at you with wide sparkling eyes.

Street Art Wheatpaste // Maiden, Mother, Crone

Street Art Wheatpaste // Wise Portal



Moontime Yoni:

The following images are from a series of small sculptures depicting the sacred Yoni, the source of life. To bleed etymologically means to bless. There was a time, long ago, when our blood was honored as oracle, as a symbol of life and creativity. This honoring is being relearned. These sculptures were installed up in the streets of my neighborhood to celebrate and bring back imagery that was once common and found across the globe in the form of "Venus" figures and Sheela-na-gig carvings of old. Pussy Power!


Street Art Mini Sculpture // Yoni #2

Street Art Mini Sculpture // Yoni #4

Street Art Mini Sculpture // Yoni #12



If you've got a plain old wall and you like my style, send me a message via the contact page! I can make some magic happen!


"Sunset Moon" | Custom Mural Commission | 8 ft tall


"Ioni" | Door Mural

"Ode to Muses" | Door Mural

"Respite" and "Ace of Cups with Moon" | Door Murals